April 25, 2012

Saya Chenta Dia


This is my boyfriend!!

His name is Hishamuddin Mokhtar. People call him Pachak because of his hair. I call him Shayang. :P This is the man who have stolen my heart. :) He's perfect to me. Thank you for loving me, taking care of me and accepting me for who I am.. I Love You Shayang! I want the world to know that my boyfriend is the best! weehooo Alhamdulillah. I'm so grateful that I've met you. :)
This is Our Love Story  

Pray for us that we will be together forever... InsyaAllah.


OH Booshooks! BeshFriends

Hey Followers & Readers

These are my Booshookness BFFs.heee In the picture above from left Irma Zydatul Zuleira, Ismayana, Nur Khairunnisa & Me. Such a long time haven't hangout with them, last Monday (23rd April 2012) decided to have dinner at Chawan Cafe in Bangsar with them while gossiping and camwhoring like always. hehe Seri unable to join us this time due to some misunderstanding.. Salahkan BBM Group tuh eh boshook.. Next time will hangout again ok. :)

Irma Zydatul Zuleira Mohamad / Ema
I've known her since we were in standard 4, we have been friends since then. 

Ismayana Ismail / Maya
I get to know Maya from Ema, since they went to high school together. We become more close because we went to same Faculty in UiTM Seri Iskandar and now we are best friends.

Nur Khairunnisa Alies / Kay
I met her went she transferred from UiTM Sarawak to UiTM Seri Iskandar. She is my classmate and my best friend since that 1st day she entered my class. heee

When we arrived at Chawan Cafe, Kay decided to ate Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Percik, I chose to eat Soto Ayam while Maya ate Mee Rebus. The food portion was so big.. Just see the picture below kan.. Semua pon makan xabesh. :p Its affordable with that portion of food.

Our Dinner :)
 We love camwhoring, so went out to for a walk at Bangsar Village.
 & Some more camwhoring in the car.

Friends Forever. 
P/S: Bile la boleh lepak lagi.. ahaha padahal rumah sume dekat je. :P Next session karaoke taw!!

Wedding Seharian - Zatil& Aliff

Alhamdulillah.. Zatil Hanani sudah selamat diijabkabulkan kepada Aliff pada 7 April 2012. I'm so happy for you booshook.. The event went smooth as plan. Majlis persandingan di buat di Dewan Sirim Seksyen 2, Shah Alam. So many of our friends were there, it feels like a gathering or reunion I can say. Too bad couldn't join the outdoor photography since I'm working on that day.. Tuh pon cabot lari jap during lunch break. hehee :) Enjoy the pictures below, Pictures taken from Usop & Luqman and mine.
 pretty table deco

 Love the Pelamin. 
 We are LOUD
 We are PROUD
 We are HAPPY
Selamat Pengantin Baru
Semoga Kekal Hingga Akher Hayat

More weddings and happy moments to come :)


April 16, 2012

My Boyfriend is the Coolest!

Hey Followers & Readers!!

Wanna know a true fact not?? heeee Boyfriend shaye ialah seorang yang shuke buat shupwise.. shampai shaye menanges kerana terlampaw gembira..**nak taw siape boyfriend shaye?? Tunggu. :P **
 I LOVE YOU just the way you are shayang.. :)
I'm so sorry that I always ask u to stop making these surprises, its not that I dont like the surprises... I love em so much and so happy and also appreciate everything that you've done for me.. hehee Thank you!! Will still love you more and more eventho there aren't any surprises.. I love you la booshook!! nokhtah. heeee He always say the sweetest thing ever.. I munched what he bbm. He's just so shweet. hehee

He bbm me this because, I was pity with him that he needs to give me surprises all the time.

So this time.. the story goes like this.....

During the day he told me that he was working on a mini project.Actually he already start from that night. So i beg him to show me what he did. or at least a hint. but he won't tell me. geram gile ok. Puas pujok n merayu nih, xmo bagi taw jugak tuh. fine.hahhaa When he already start to tell, for sure la I can't be patient. heee He ask for me to wait, he'll give it to me when we meet during the evening.
Since we plan to watch a movie together. Quite a while both of us didn't watch a movie together. hehe 

Later that evening, I went to meet him so that we could go to watch movie together. We were already late, he booked our movie at 6.30pm at Sunway Pyramid. But at 6pm we were still at his place. Then he opened his laptop, and said that he found a video and wanted to show me, and it couldn't wait. Aish.. dlm hati nih( kite da lambat la..)huhu lyn je la boyfriend ku nih. hehee I was sneaking and peaking, what is this guy up to.. huhu So then he showed the screen of his laptop.... He made a video slide about us.. and I cried..It was my tears of happiness..Allah temukan I dengan U.. I was so happy.. He made them especially for me from that night till the next day.. I was so touched.. I love you.. I mintak soft copy kt die.. Die ckp no need, I da prepare awal2.. hehehe Hebat la boyfriend i nih.. heheee

 The CD he burned with the video slide of us.. :)
Thank U shayang. 

After the romantic and shweet drama. Off both of us pecot to Sunway Pyramid.. We are already late ok. huhu I said to him, you are not doing anymore surprises right.. You janganla mengharapkan surprises I lak. Xde surprises dah. huhu He said something like that la.. Shiot kan. hahaa Booshook! hahhaa When we arrived at SP, thank GOD we found a parking space, but we were already late for 30minutes kot. huhu 
So he got the ticket, we watched One for the Money and I got the popcorn n drinks.. and when we entered the hall.. I was like shoot.. you tipu lagi!!Again, he made another surprise for booking a movie at BeaniePlex. No wonder he was so excited to watch a movie in Sunway Pyramid, padahal before this we already complain about how it is so hard to find a parking space there.huhu The movie seats is so comfy because it feels like home. The hall seats are bean bag! Cool & Comfy kan.hehee The sweetest moment ever when he said " nnt kalau u sejok bgtaw eh.." He kept on asking me the same question. Pehal la boyfriend aku nih, huhuh. Suddenly it was so cold, so I said to him, " shayang.. Shejok" Guess what... He brought my favorite blanky in his bag!!! hahahah no wonder his bag was so gemok. hahahhaa :P Thank you so much shayang.. One surprise after another. My boyfriend is the greatest kan.heheeee :) Rase mcm nk tito je dlm hall movie tuh sebab rase mcm dekat rumah.hehehee

 Cool Beanie Bag seats. :)

So go Google BeaniePlex, TGV in Sunway Pyramid.. Boyfriend ku yang cool nih siap buat research. :p Shayang U la gile.hehehe Hugs!! Then we had dinner and went home.. Thank you shayang for a great day. :) 

Fainted.. again.

Hey followers & readers..

I fainted again, and was admitted to Hospital Serdang at 3am saturday. It happened so fast, I was working that night. This week is my night shift. We were having our break, late dinner or supper. huhu During the day, I had trouble sleeping. Always had trouble to sleep during the day.I tried, force myself to sleep.. but I just can't. My body wanting to sleep so badly.. But my head can't seem to stop thinking. So stressed out about this... Any tips, do share. :)

I just wanna thank so much to my officemates, Ikin, Izz, Pipah, Faiza for sending me to the hospital and taking care of me and Not to forget my boyfriend mr P.. for taking care of me while i'm in the hospital.. you have been such a great boyfriend.. sampai doc ingt kite husband n wife. :P I Love You Shayang..

<3 hzh

April 10, 2012


Hey Followers & Readers

When you love someone, you will tend to do anything and everything for that person as long as him/her happy to be with you... It is also a symbol or to show your appreciation to have him/her in your life. :) Same goes to me.

Last Saturday he was super sick.. I was working, so can't really took care of him. I was so worried.. I was waiting for the time to pass by so fast, so that I could give him food and medicine. Just at least to make sure that his ok.. Then its 8pm, finish work... try to call him but couldn't reach him. I was so worried, so I called a friend of us who live at the same area to go to his house, to make sure his ok.. Sorry, I just had to do that.. So then she said he's ok. I try to drive faster so that I could see him and make sure that he's ok. I was a bit late because I went to buy some food and medicine for him..As I reach his home, I gave him the food and medicine.. Late that night, he was recovering Alhamdulillah.

Then.. The next day... I met him.. and taraaaaa.. A surprise card..

I think he bought this same card for 1 year stock. :p hahaa


and I want you to always be healthy


April 3, 2012

SepetangTeman - Versi Kahwin

photos in this post by yusuf aziz

We have been friends since we are kids, time sure fly by so fast as most of us now are getting married this year..
Usually "SepetangTeman" is just to gather, hangout, chitchat, play games and camwhore while eating, but this time "SepetangTeman" is in Kahwin version.. end up become "SepetangTeman-Kahwin".. To celebrate most of our friends that are getting married this year. :) Alhamdulillah... Maka jadilah event simple from us your friends.. Sepetang Teman- Kahwin..
Date: 31 March 2012
Time: 5.30pm
Venue: Tasek, Alam Impian

While writing this post, it somehow touches my heart.. How all of us have grown so fast, before.. we were playing around together as little kids, then to a teenager, goin to school, study and doing homework. Then to university life and Now most of us are working and Finally goin through another phase of life, which is MARRIAGE life. Congrats to my friends who will be getting engage and married this year.. I am so happy and excited for you guys..

::Getting Engage and Already Engage ::
Zatil, Lisa, Nadia, Shakila, Shikin

::Getting Married ::
Zatil, Lisa,Hakim, Shikin, Apip
Friends are together through ups and downs..
Remember all the memories we've shared together happiness and sadness.

No matter what we always support each other
Perjanjian darah antara kita.
Friends are forever!

from left : Gha,Kila,Hanin,Zatil,Farina,Olyn

BackStreetBoys Maseh Single
up from left : Gil, Boe, Aidil
Down from left: Uccan, Aspa

hanin zahirah & zatil hanani

Zatil Hanani bakal berkahwin dengan Aliff pada 7 april 2012
Congrats Nanie.. Semoga perkahwinan ini berkekalan hingga akher hayat. Maintain kepow.. :P

hanin zahirah & norashikin

Ini adalah Beshfwen shaye.. :)
Congrats shikin.. Shangat gembiwa untuk kau!
(menangis kegembiraan sambil menulis ucapan nih)
Macam2 yang kita lalui bersama.. Sekarang kau da temui seorang lelaki untuk dijadikan suami, dan khalifah dalam hidup kau.. Jadi seorang isteri yang baek, taat pada suami ye.. Aku doakan korang bahagia hingga akher hayat. InsyaAllah..Thank u sebab menjadi kawan sejati pada aku.. :) Takkan ku lupe segala nasihat bagai kaunseling darimu padaku.. Thanx Booshook!!!

Nurulisa (pic taken from FB)

Congrats Lisa!
Yang bakal berkahwin juga ada bulan june 2012.
Semoga berbahagia kekal selamanya :)

afif & his queen to be,ieza

Ahmad Afif bakal berkahwin dengan ieza pada 24june 2012
Congrats! Semoga berbahagia selamanya. Maintain sengals dan chop kau untk video wedding aku bersama rakan2. :)

farina& azfar

Ini bukan bakal huband farina.Harap Maklum. :P
Farina will become wife to Mior on the 1st September 2012.
Congrats to u my friend, schoolmate also my neighbor.. :)
Semoga kekal hingga akher hayat.

Big thanx to everyone who have help to make this event a successful one!!

Videoman & Cameraman: Apip & Usop & Uccan
Event Planner : Gha & Kila
Props : Hanin&Mr Boyfriend & Uccan & Usop & Kila
Participants: Zatil, Pharina, Olyn, Gha, Hanin, Kila, Ieza, Azfar, Muiz, Zuhaery, Aidil, Yusuf, Afif, Fauzan, Nazmi..

Terima lah. Taaaraaaaa

sepetangtemanteman from ahmafifzulkepli on Vimeo.


April 2, 2012


I hurt you. I made a scar. you still forgive me.thank you.because of this our love grow stronger.the sparks will always sparkles eventho it is 10 years later. remember and never forget i'll always be with you and always be by your side when you need me.thank you for still having the trust in me and loving me for me. Semoga kite kekal hingga akher hayat.Lets achieve the dreams we dream together. ILOVEYOUSOMUCH. <3 hzh

t h r e e. t i g a

teaser for my followers

While others busy celebrating April fool on 1st April 2012, both of us were busy celebrating our three months anniversary. :) Alhamdulillah. Up until now we are still together as a couple. Every day my love for him keep on growing and blooming. :)

I don't really like surprises, i just don't know why.. I am just too afraid of my reaction after getting the surprise. huhu As of now, I'm so happy of the surprises he gave me. heee So.. for this three months, I've told him how i hate surprises, so he shouldn't make any surprises for me. heheee therefore for our 3months we just gonna go out on a date, watch movie,hangout and dinner. But the night before I was busy writing a card for him.. hahaha So the next morning when I met him, I kinda place the card on the shelf when he was busy. :P Then he saw the card, showie for the small surprise.hahaa He was so happy.. I was so happy, it work. no surprises from him.

But then..

he said: " can you transfer gambar2 kite dlm hard disk i? "
I said : " skarang ke?"
he sadi:" aah skarang"

So I opened my notebook bag, waalllahhh.. shiot I found the surprise card. Xmakan saman la boyfriend aku nih.hahahaha I truly love it shayang. Thank you. he made the card himself.. Shweet gile. Really appreciate it. Its so pretty! I love u so much. :)

i'm so touch :)

i'll be getting diabetes soon. please be aware. :P

After the touching moments exchanging the surprise card :P, we head off to Taipan, to meet his friend.He already made plans that morning, we were going to go check out new houses at Bandar Saujana Putra with his friend. He love to check out the property, its our future plan. :P Its a cool thing tho, our new hobby. hoyeah. heee Here's the picture.. hee

berangan mode.. heee

Later that day, we hanging out at Empire, Subang since I had lunch date with my family. Then we went to Curve to watch movie wrath of the titans. The movie was quite ok. guess what, i didn't fell asleep this time. Instead he fell asleep a few times.hahaha :p We had dinner at Tony Romas. Sorry i kinda ruin your diet shayang. heee. We chat, camwhore and went home. Thank you for everything shayang. :) I love you then, now and always.

-The end-
<3 hzh