February 28, 2012

Gold Coast with *you

This is one of our "REDAH Moments" together. heee

Venue : Gold Coast, Sepang. (Name glamour gile)
Date : 26.02.2012
Time : 5.30pm - 10pm

So kalo teringin sgt nk pegi goldcoast tp belum mampu, Malaysia pon ade goldcoast what. hehehe

With the help of Papago, we safely arrived at Gold Coast Sepang around 6.45pm kot. It was raining, we actually wanted to watch the sunset together, but since we were already late, and plus raining so there was no sun la. hehe We will come back again next time, we are expert already finding our way here. heheeheee :) It took about 1 hour plus to get to Gold Coast..

We went sight seeing, walking together by the beach, playing with the water,and cam whore together.. It was so beautiful. I sure had a great time here...

the view from the beach

restaurant perahu.. chantek shangat!

i found a pretty seashell.

my fav picture with *you...berbackgroundkan restaurant perahu.
Sneak peak for you guys,soon will reveal him to you guys.. heee

Around 7.30pm, it s nearly dark already, so we find a restaurant nearby to eat. heee The restaurant is call Restoran Terapung, we ended eating here because we saw so many people eating here, we assume that the food will be delicious too.hehe Want to know what we ordered? Setengah kg Sotong Goreng Tepong, Kailan ikan masin, Butter prawn, Ikan siakap masak 3 rasa, Tomyam ayam,otak2 10 keping and 2 nasik puteh. Banyak gile kan.. and all of this only costs us about rm86.. Cheap kan.. Jangan lepaskan peluang ini.. ehehhe sile la ke gold coast. :) But we had to wait about 1hour for the food to arrive. But it was worth of waiting la. The food is delicious kan *you. heheehe :) Kenyang gile ok. Kitorg tapau sotong goreng tepong, tomyam n otak2 sbb xabesh makan.huhu Ade satu cite kelakar mase kitorg tgh makan tuh.. heee tp xsampai hati nk cite. :p xpe *you, i simpan sendiri. hahaha :P

our food! Berbaloi-baloi. hehehe

On our way back, I fell asleep in the car, and he drove back home alone.. showie.. I Love You..Thank you for redah-ing with me... :) Will not ruin your surprises again next time.. hehee :)

<3 hzh

February 21, 2012

Grow Old With You!

*imagine i'm singing this for you. heeee
just need to change the lyrics a bit. hehe
I just wanna grow old with you. :)
I love you.

<3 hzh

The Making of GadisGigiBesi

Its been a dream of mine to wear braces, to have such pretty teeth especially when i smile.. :) Never get to wear them, but now its a dream come true.. Eventhough its so difficult to eat with this braces, but I just have to bare in mind, it was my decision to wear them at the first place. :) and I'm really happy that i did. hehee Berangan nak senyom with mouth open wide.. :P You'll be my friend indeed for two years time. hheheehe The decision to wear this braces was indeed a fast one..huhu I've no idea where I got the guts from. hehe I did mention it to *you kan.. All of a sudden I went to the dentist, did some checking, consultancy with the dentist, make some arrangements and appointments.. Walla.. now am wearing braces. on 15th february 2012 officially start to wear thhis braces.hahhaha They even pull out 4 of my tooth. It sure hurt so bad. huhu Thank you to everyone especially families (mama- who took care of me by cooking bubor for me, ayah- giving me useful tips, siblings- giving me support) , *you ( took care of me) , friends.

Pictures. Enjoy!

first two teeth.. ouch

then, another two. so big kan

bengkak. so cannot go to the office.

Taraaaaaa.. heehe.. lets wait until its done.

<3 hzh

February 19, 2012

Oh! Gadis Gigi Beshi !

I am officially si gadis bergigi kan besi.. huhu

p/s: will update you guys on my braces stories soon.

<3 hzh

February 16, 2012

OH! Shupwise!!!

He made another shupwise for me..Shweet la hai awak nih..Am melting like chocholate yg xletak dlm fridge... hahhahaa On 14th February 2012 its V day.. Everyone knows that.. but we Muslim do not celebrate the day.. But somehow.. its just an appreciation of LOVE from him to me.. hehhee ape mimpi boyfriend ku terchenta nih... he made a shupwise for me by giving me a red rose. :) That night was suppose to meet him during our running session at MPSJ, but the training was canceled. But seriously missing him so much, so decided to meet him at our usual place instead. heehehe.. When I arrived meet him at his car, then he gave the red rose!!! shoot! I was nearly crying.. so happy.. but I hate shupwises! But anyway am so HAPPY that night!!! Thank you so much!! I love it.. heee and I love you. :)

The kelakar part was when I read his card.. heeee There's a spelling mistake. hahhaa He said that he was so careful to make sure that there is no spelling mistake in the card this time. But the there is still one. hahaha Which is he wrongly spelled SHAYANG.. he spelled SYAHANG. hahahahaa :P nevermind.. I can still feel your love, lantakla spelling tuh.. hehehe :) Thank you so much for being such a great person..

the red rose.

his funny&shweet &loving card.

a home I found for the rose.

<3 hzh

February 14, 2012

Just some random thoughts...


Does this ever cross your mind.. what is your future.. what is there waiting for you in the future.

Do you ever wonder, have you made a mistake.. in your life..


When you are to make a decision.. do you ever think what will happen in the future..
Do you regret the decision you made before..


Have you cried alone in the dark but don't know the reason why you're crying..
You are happy.. but why are you crying.. What more are you asking for..


Did you ever think that maybe you had hurt someone in your past..
Did you ever think that maybe you are being so selfish in the past..

Oh sometimes..

Why does this kind of thoughts been playing in your head..


Do you feel that you want to turn back to the past.. to make things better..

To change how things were, for a better you..


Does this kind of feelin killin you inside..
Have you wonder, does anyone forgive your wrongdoings to them..

Sometimes.. still wondering...

*some random thoughts <3hzh

February 11, 2012

the vow


This movie really captures my eye, its coming out this valentines. This movie is goin under my list to watch movies!! hehee Its not just for couples,anyone can go and watch.. Its about this married couple, a very loving couple, the went out then had an accident. The wife who is Rachel McAdams lost her memory, forgotten totally about her husband who is Channing Tatum.. So he starts to win her heart all over again.

Can't wait to watch this movie with *you... No matter what, I'm gonna watch this with you.. Here's the trailer.

<3 hzh

he stole my heart..


I know, I know.. most of my posts now are about him.. which you guys have no idea who this guy is..You guys must be wondering who this guy is right.. hehehe Hmmm.. Well not gonna tell you now. Its a surprise lah.. :P I'm saving the best for last. huhuhu Just wait for the breaking news ya. hehehe for sure I'll introduce him to you guys when the time comes. :)

He is now the one who have stolen my heart.
He is the one who make my heart melt everytime he said something.
Everything that he said is like a sugar for me.
Eating candy & chocolates everyday
For sure I'll be having DIABETES soon. heee
He knows how to take care of me.
He knows how to win my heart.
He knows how to make me laugh..
He also sure knows how to make me cry. :P
I can really feel the love his giving me..
Everyday I'm craving for more.. more than I'm craving for my fav chendol pulot.
This feeling.. its like the feeling of you're flying..
you just don't know how to explain in words..
just you yourself know what its like to be in love with someone that you love, you adore.
oh ANGAU sudah!

**but I don't know if I could ever do all this to him, ensure that he felt the same way as I did.

*Pray to ALLAH, that he will be the one for me. AMIN*

<3 hzh

February 8, 2012

1st February 2012

1st February 2012..
Officially our 1st Monthlyniversarry..

before its ticks to 12.00am sharp on 1st february 2012, both of us we having our weekly running at mpsj. So after that we join the rest for minom2 at Carlos, Subang Jaya.. I was planning to test him that nite to see whether he remembered about it or not. So start la berlakon habes malam tuh, I wasn't talking so much, don't have the mood to eat, feeling dizzy la ape la. Memmang bnyk songeh la pompuan nih senang cite. hehe But kept watching and looking at the watch, weyh bile nk pukol 12 am nih.. hahaha At first, siap nk balek awal, tp cam tunggu jap la.. huhu tepat je pukol 12, bbm bunyik.. alamak.. shoot!!!! hahahaha rupenyer he already draft tuh. padahal kt sebelah nih. hahaha he was thinking the same thing as me.. gosh!!! I was melting.. hehehe I was bit late few minutes ok. heehe so he won la. 1-0. nevermind. We were bbm-ing wishing to each other for the 1st monthlyniversarry eventho we were sitting next to each other to avoid other getting annoyed. hahaha :P

So kebetulan on that 1st February was a public holiday for KL - it was Federal Territory Day. His office is in Bukit Jelutong, but he said mostly his customers are from KL, so they having their holiday, so he sort of ponteng la just to spend the day day on our first monthlyniversarry..hehe but still, he replied all the emails, calls except that his not in the office. hehee Actually that morning, I had an appointment with my dentist so I went to have breakfast with him first, bu then we end up arriving late, and the dentist already closed for lunch. So we went to Plaza Masalam, pay all the bills, jalan-jalan.. then something came up.. I didn't manage to buy any card or gift for him, so he was busy at that time with a call, and he entered a bookstore, so i bbm him said that I was goin to Giant to get something. So tanpe pikir panjang, lari kat rows yang ade chocolate, get the ferrero rocher (his favs) heehe. Beli air sekali takot kang makan tercekik. hahaha so after bayar tuh, mane la nk wrap chocolate nih, I have to act fast, so that he didn't notice, baru teringat kt level bawah ade chocolate gift shop, so kt situ, i beli box, and card, i ask the girl to put all the chocs inside the box, the girl pelik gile coz I was so rushing. huhu so I cite la everything kt the girl.sempat lagi cerita ok. ahhaha then he called. alamak. tanye i kat mane sume. hahha so i ask him to wait there, alasan takot die hilang or sesat dalam mall yang kecik tuh. hahahaha So I pon bergegas jumpe chenta hati and present him the gift.hehehe He was about to do the same thing. Gosh! We think the same.. hahhaa Melting** hahahha but he didn't manage to find anything in the bookstore.. So this time I won.. Now we're even. 1-1. hehe OK Ok.. this one is very very funny. hahaha will never forget this. Rupenye my boyfriend nih lagi clumsy dari I ok. hahahha we were on our way down from the stairs.. He was reading my card, and at the same time holding the box of chocs, then suddenly... all the chocs bertaburan.. ferreros kan bulat so mmg senang la bergolek.. hahahha the stairs was in front of the giant.. everyone was looking at him, malu gile, he's turning red already. :P So I pon cepat2 la tolong kutep chocs tuh ngan die. hahahah :P gelak mmg kuat xhengat. nk cover malu. hahaha. :P

After that, I bring him to my fav chendol pulot place. terbaek la.. still craving for that chendol pulot.. yummy.. you guys should go there too.. behind concorde, in front of restoran cili merah. Cheap and delicious!! hehee. Our plan that were very full but sumenye terjah je.hahahaa Then off we go to KLCC.. jalan2, shopping baju, he bought a checkers for the first time. for me.. you look handsome ok! hehe and also in that striking pink kemeja! :) Met Nan and Mus, lepak2 at Dome with them.. Then....he also bought something for me. hehe I went to the toilet. bile kuar je, die bbm, he said die nak berry.. hahhaa shaket pewot.. so ok la.. i jalan2 dlu.. kesian die.. lame jugak la kan.. then when i met him back, ade sumthing kat tgn die... dush** berpure2 mamat nih.. hahahaha he bought me a gift.. Dapat bear yang comel gile and a card. hehee Thank you shayang. :) I give him his name bearLO! heeee.. So we went outside, jalan2 sambel bace card tuh.. romatic gile ok. :P hehehee :) I had a great time with you.. Thank you so much! :)

the card and bearLO was in this LOVE bag. hehe

Me and bearLO

Reading the card.. :)

So I dedicate this Song for you!

Only for YOU*
Terukir di Bintang

<3 hzh