June 20, 2012

Our Time

Hi Followers & Readers

Post ini berkaitan kisah saya dan dia..
Saya bersalah kerana marahkan dia..
Dan sangat bersalah kerana terlalu mengikutkan perasaan..
Tanpa mempedulikan perasaan si dia..
Tetapi hati dia sangat lembut kerana masih memaafkan saya..
Pada masa yang sama memberikan hadiah yang sangat chantek buat saya..
Terima Kaseh yang tidak terhingga kerana masih mampu senyum kepada saya dan menyayangi saya seadanya.. :)
I love you so much shayang.. :)

Akan sentiasa ingat pada dia :)

June 19, 2012

Arsenal vs MU

Hi followers & Readers

Orang tengah demam euro 2012, tapi kitorg plak shebok ngan football club favourite masing2.. Si dia gilakan Manchester United yg booshook tuh. haahaa dan shaye pulak fan Arsenal. heee :) Walopon kami bercinta tp bab bola nih je kami xsefahaman. :P hahaha Kami baru dapat jersey baru dari club maseng-maseng yang di pesan dari adekku yaya di UK. Tuh yang maseng2 bergaya sakan. hahaa Lihat aksi kami ketika dating. hee :)

Pachak vs Hanin
 Peace :)
 Kembali bersatu.. heee



Hi followers & Readers,

Alhamdulillah.. Now our relationship has turned 5months on 1st June 2012. Kejap je masa berlalu, pejam celik, pejam celik now da 5months. :) This relationship has thought me a lot. I've grown into someone that I've never imagine to be. He has guide me, given me advise shown me the way when I'm lost and down. He always be there for me when I needed him the most eventhough he himself busy. Thank you for your time, care and love that you've given me. I love you! This below card is from him.. Using his own hands. heee Love it so much! 

 rajenkan die menampal2 nih.. hee
shayang kamo jugak booshook! :)

i gave him this latest MU jersey with his name on..
i know MU sucks.haha 
but i still love u shayang.

pray that our relationship will last forever. :)


June 6, 2012

How I Met His MOM

Hey Followers & Readers

You guys must have the experience of meeting your "bakal mak mertua" for the first time right. Let me share mine. hahah This meeting was not really plan actually. On Monday 4th June 2012, a date to be remembered. hehee :) I am fasting on that day, so I said to my boyfriend will he accompany me to break-fast at the same time dating la kan, since da lame shangat tak jumpe.. Windoo.. :P His family and him just got back from Kelantan, his sister's wedding. So his families were staying at his house. So he agreed and said ok to go break-fast.. Lame sket around 10.30am, dia bbm....

Bf : Shayang.. buka pose nnt i bwk my mom skali ok x? U ready x?
Me : Seriously? Ur mom nk jumpe i ke? huhuhu I ready je.. 1 2 3 go..hahaha
Bf : Dia nk tgk la bakal menantu dia cmne.. Tp i bwk my mom dulu. 
Me : Hahahaa. Dan2 la u. Xpela,kalo die reject awal2 pon at least I frust menonggeng kejap. hahahaha *dush dush*

Start from there, I am so nervous, cuak gile yang amat.. Asek pikir what to wear, what to say, what to do during the meeting. :P mmg kalah exam besar la.. hahaha Kalo pegi interview pon xcuak macam nih taw. :P  Siap text my mom and ask her to pray for my success. :P hahaha Bile masok dlm kereta dia. hanya Tuhan je taw perasaan tuh kan.. Cube berlagak tenang. :P Dah la sesat time nk gi restoran tuh.. Malu sunggoh. :P Anyways, during the meeting.. his mom was so nice, friendly just like my own mom.. Alhamdulillah it went well.. :P Enjoy the pictures :)              

 with his mom n lil sister
 shaye dan die

with his adorable lil sister :)



Hey Followers & Readers

I went to Forest Research Institute Malaysia also better known as FRIM with kak yaya and our paparazzi. heee They went there before, the place was so cool. Since we will be going to KK soon, no preparation in terms of stamina so this is the chance for me. Bit worried about going to KK.. No preparation. Just luck. Hope luck is with me this time. huhu

We went to Canopy Walkway, to go there, you will have to walk and hike about 2hours to complete the whole adventure.. Enjoy the scenery there. There are many people who came here not just teenagers, even elders and kids. Most of them came with their families. :) You need a ticket, to enter this Canopy Walkway. Without a ticket, you cannot go through. huhu Really burn all those calories, but at the same time enjoying the green is surely worth your money. Enjoy the pictures :)

Arrivals :)

My source of energy :)

 Canopy Walkway 
 On our way to Canopy Walkway

 Half way there....

 At last, we arrive at the Canopy Walkway
You can see everything... pretty!

Going back down. 
 Camwhoring while enjoying the scene

Makan! after 2 hours of hiking. heee

p/s: More adventures to come. :)

<3 hzh


Hey Followers & Readers.

Too many story to tell but so less time plus the laziness. :P
Its all in draft. haha Will come up with new post soon.. :)

Wait haaaa.. :)

<3 hzh