July 24, 2013

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan :)

Hey Followers & Readers!

Salam Ramadhan dari Hanin.. 
Ampun maaf di pinta jika ade tersalah berkata, terguris hati. :)
Xsemestinya kene tunggu hari raya kan nk mintak maaf. heee 


May 20, 2013

HeyHo!! Choc Pretzels

Hey Followers & Readers!

Iklan sket.. haha dah la lame sgt x blogging pastu nk buat iklan plak kan.. ngade x. haha
So anyway.. I'm selling mini choc pretzels by surea choc! hoyeah! Delicious. So yummy that you can't stop munching and munching. huhu Also suitable to make as a gift or present to your love ones, hantaran, doorgift or kueh raya. :) I'm selling them in two sizes. Please refer to below pictures. >.< To make an order kindly contact me Hanin Zahirah Hasnor by pm me at my facebook page click here Hanin's FB page or email me at hanin158@gmail.com. I don't do post delivery usually self pickup or we can discuss for delivery.. :)  So apelagi yg di tunggu-tunggu.. hehe cepat contact shaye. hehe

1. Small Tube
Contains 45 pcs mini pretzels

2. Big Tub
Contains 180 pcs pretzels

p/s: don't forget to contact me for more info. >.< 

February 23, 2013

First post on 2013

Hi Followers & Readers.

Just realized that I've not post anything yet in 2013. hahha
Busy ke? Agak la.. Busy with new little project and preparation for my own E-day..
Maw nye tak excited.. melompat suke gembira riang ria. hahha but at the same time having the butterfly in your stomach feeling, nervous. Praying and hoping that everything will go well and run smoothly.

For those who just read my blog, I'm making unofficial announcement lah. haha I'm getting engaged this 3rd March 2013. Currently busy doing the engagement preparation. hehe Just wanna share something with you guys.. Mane la taw nk bertunang or kahwen. Also can be used for other events jugak. Chantek x my entrance sign for E-day nnt? Made this at Blokon. You guys can follow him at instragram @blokon (http://instagram.com/blokon) . Syamly si owner blokon nih sgt cool, made friends with him already. I just gave him some brief idea on what i want, pictures etc.. Then walaaaaaaa.. This is the result. How cool is that kan.. *lompat bintang* hahaha Since this is a small family and close friends event, so xde la jempot semua. InsyaAllah nnt wedding I'll invite everyone. *perasan bajet artis ke?* hahahhahaa

 Entrace Sign for E-day by Blokon

P/S: Doakan semuanya berjalan lancar untuk majlis pertunangan saya nnt. :)


December 4, 2012

Oh So LUCKY Hanin!!

Hi Followers & Readers,

Ada ketika tuh, kaum perempuan nih ade mood swing dia. So kaum lelaki nih kene faham-faham sendiri. Ade certain lelaki tuh memang da faham sgt perempuan yg ade mood swing suring certain time dlm bulan tuh.  So mereka nih boleh handle la wanita tuh dengan baek. Mereka perlukan tahap kesabaran yang sgt tinggi. Bagi mereka yg xfaham, akan end up xfaham or try untuk memahami kaum wanita nih yg sentiasa mengalami mood swing every month.. And I'm one of those girls who tend to get this mood swing also my level of sensitivity for this particular time is so high. Critically! Hmmm.. I'm so lucky to have him, as my boyfriend. Soon to be my husband, InsyaAllah. He understands me oh so well!! How can I not love him. Tahap kesabaran dia, Ya Allah.. If I were to be in his place, mmg cpt kot i give up.. Yesterday, I mean last few days I were being so childish.. I think I am. Cepat sgt terasa. Hmmm padahal he did nothing kot. I think. Positive. Then at this one time, he realized and told me that " I'm worried everytime I see u not happy. I tau bile u happy sgt, I tau bile u happy biasa, bile u simpan something and bile u sedey".. I love him so much because he understands me so well, that he wants to make me happy all the time.. But I can't give you the happiness as you deserved to have. InsyaAllah I'll try to improve myself for OUR relationship.. :)

I dedicate this song Ajari Aku by Anuar Zain to you shayang.. Also to everyone out there, appreciate your love ones. They are your backbone to your daily life whenever you are down. Having him with me be it near or far, his love, care, support and advises as my best friend and boyfriend. I love you shayang.. 

Ajari aku tuk bisa
Menjadi yang engkau cinta
Agar ku bisa memiliki rasa
Yang luar biasa untukku dan untukmu
Ku harap engkau mengerti

Akan semua yang ku pinta
Karna kau cahaya hidupku malamku
Tuk terangi jalan ku yang berliku
Hanya engkau yang bisa
Hanya engkau yang tahu
Hanya engkau yang mengerti
Semua inginku
Mungkinkah semua akan terjadi pada diriku
Hanya engkau yang bisa mencintaiku

Hanya engkau yang bisa
Hanya engkau yang tahu
Hanya engkau yang mengerti
Semua inginku

Shayang, Semoga jodoh kita kekal hingga akher hayat. Amin. 


November 29, 2012

Puisi Chenta

Hi Follower&Readers..

Sekarang emosi sangat berbunga, tp kadang-kadang cepat sangat tersentuh, kadang-kadang jugak cepat terkecil hati.. But I realize one thing about myself, I'm a sensitive kind of person to be honest. Tengok movie yg sedih sket pon nanges.. He always make fun of me when I cried while watching movie together. Lantak la, sbb die akan pujok shaye balek.. hehehe :) Last time I read this puisi chenta by the actor Zahiril Adzim to his wife. He read this during their reception.. Shweet gile kan. This really touches my heart. Cried while reading this... Hope u guys too..

Aku pasti punya masalah
Tiap kali ingin menulis puisi buatmu.
Entah kenapa, kuasa cintamu lebih hebat
Dari kata-kata yang akan terkeluarkan.
Saat itu langsung aku setuju yang dirimu satu.
Dan hari ini kau menjadi isteriku.

Ampunkan aku kalau aku pernah berkasar,
Ampunkan aku kalau aku pernah mengherdik,
Ampunkan aku kalau aku pernah menjerit,
Ampunkan aku kalau aku pernah terpekik, melolong,
Isteriku, percayalah sebabnya ialah kasih dan cinta.

Akan ku jaga kau seperti ku jaga diriku sendiri,
Memang hidup itu tidak pernah ada jaminan keselamatan,
Bahaya, ancaman di mana-mana
Tapi selagi kau dalam dakapanku,
Aku berjanji akan menjagamu
Setiap saat dan waktu,
Setiap siang dan malam,
Setiap guruh dan hujan,
Setiap panas dan terik,
Setiap nafasku.

Aku sering menadah telapak tangan,
Dan memohon pada Tuhan,
Agar kau, bukan sahaja kau menjadi isteriku,
Tetapi menjadi isteri yang disayangi Allah Ta’ala

Selamat datang ke hidupku,
Selamat menjadi isteriku.
Selamat menjadi ibu pada anak-anakku kelak.
Selamat menjadi menantu ibu bapaku.
Selamat menjadi adik dan kakak pada adik-beradikku.
Selamat menjadi keluargaku.
Selamat menjadi pelengkap hidupku.
Selamat menjadi separuh dari aku.

by Zahiril Adzim

P/S: Walaupun chenta hati shaye xreti berpuitis mcm Zahiril..tetapi shaye tetap shuke, shayang dia... 
Hope chenta kite kekal hingga akher hayat.. Love u booshook! :)


October 23, 2012

When WE are TOGETHER...

-Hishamuddin & Hanin Zahirah -
Selamat Hari Raye Aidiladha in advance from us. heeee

Is it alright if I'm with you for the night?
Hope you don't mind, if you stay by my side
We can drive in your car somewhere into the dark,
Pull over and watch the stars
We can dance, we can sing, do whatever you think
As long as I'm with you

When we are together is the time of our lives
We can do whatever, be whoever we like
Spend the weekend dancing, 'cause we sleep when we die
Don't have to worry 'bout nothing
We own the night

We own the night - Selena Gomez

 his my backbone! i'm his pompom girl :)

we can be whoever we want*
Iloveyou shayang :)

-love hzh-

October 10, 2012


Hi followers & readers..

hahahahaa :p I know I know.. still long way to go for March 2013.But I should start doing the preparation from now la kan.. I want everything to be PERFECT. ok la near perfect pon ok. hahhaa.. So here's the list for the E-Day, da macam nak kawen ok!! adeh.. but everything will be simple. I'll try for DIY which is PLAN A..if plan A is not possible, then will get others help. hehehe 

To Do List
1. E- day color theme
2. My attire (design + material)
3. His attire
4. My Family attire
5. His Family attire
6. Make up + Hair
7. Mini Pelamin
8. Hantaran
9. Candy bar
10. Photographer (most important)
11. Videographer (also most important part)
12. Caterer + Canopy + tables + chairs(parents job) heee
13. Invitations
14. Door gift ( small gift for the guests)
15. Registration table/ or guest book table.
16. Decoration around the house, labels etc


i -Peach + Tiffany blue. this one catches my eye the most. Still discussing this with him. >.<
H is Hanin
H is Hisham
shuke gile this one! heee

ii- Then Lavender with Tiffany blue.. hmm this one also chantek.. but a bit dull.. so tgh mix and match lagi..
iii- Purple and yellow! Shuke gile.. Macam striking kan kaler nih.. Tapi die cam xshuke sgt.. so maybe pass la on this color.
comel kan? :P
will do the table deco and deco kt umah sendiri... shaye shuke modern n comel! heee

more to come for my E-day plannings..