February 23, 2013

First post on 2013

Hi Followers & Readers.

Just realized that I've not post anything yet in 2013. hahha
Busy ke? Agak la.. Busy with new little project and preparation for my own E-day..
Maw nye tak excited.. melompat suke gembira riang ria. hahha but at the same time having the butterfly in your stomach feeling, nervous. Praying and hoping that everything will go well and run smoothly.

For those who just read my blog, I'm making unofficial announcement lah. haha I'm getting engaged this 3rd March 2013. Currently busy doing the engagement preparation. hehe Just wanna share something with you guys.. Mane la taw nk bertunang or kahwen. Also can be used for other events jugak. Chantek x my entrance sign for E-day nnt? Made this at Blokon. You guys can follow him at instragram @blokon (http://instagram.com/blokon) . Syamly si owner blokon nih sgt cool, made friends with him already. I just gave him some brief idea on what i want, pictures etc.. Then walaaaaaaa.. This is the result. How cool is that kan.. *lompat bintang* hahaha Since this is a small family and close friends event, so xde la jempot semua. InsyaAllah nnt wedding I'll invite everyone. *perasan bajet artis ke?* hahahhahaa

 Entrace Sign for E-day by Blokon

P/S: Doakan semuanya berjalan lancar untuk majlis pertunangan saya nnt. :)


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  1. Upload gambar tunang pleaseee... hehehehe..