July 4, 2012

How he met my Family

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ini family saya (only lil bro wasn't in)

Last time, was my story about how I met his family.. This time the post is about how he met my family. :)
On 23rd June 2012, Saturday at Chillies, Empire Shopping Mall, Subang.. Officially he met my family, except my brother amal was not there. Everything went well and smooth. heee Alhamdulillah. During dinner, my dad was not feeling well, but he still managed to make a great conversation with him. :) Everyone was having a great time. They accept him the way he is. I'm so thankful and grateful that the dinner went well. This family dinner was also to celebrate Father's Day for ayah and abg Syidi ( my bro in law). Kelakar part was, when the crew came out singing Happy Birthday instead of Happy father's day. hahaha my dad was confuse. :p but overall was ok. heee Enjoy the pictures because i do! :)

 us with adek :) 
 with bakal menantu? :P
Siblings, except lil bro.
 bergaya bersama baby hafiy
 Mama Yaya
 father's day cake by baskin robbin
 Happy father's day to ayah & abg syidi
 Family kaklong 
us with mama n ayah

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Oh Mount Kinabalu

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On 10th June 2012 - 13th June 2012, I went to climb Mount Kinabalu in Sabah with a few more friends. During this expedition my boyfriend didn't join us, he has his own reasons. :P heee but I couldn't mention here.. Malu la die nanti.. hahaha Anyways.. he always support me in anything that I want to do, be he near or far.. Thank you so much shayang.. He gave me another card which really touches my heart and keep me strong during this expedition eventhough there's a few times when i felt like I just want to give up.. Thank you so much shayang.. heee :)  

Another note for me from him :)

 Thats me! 
his notes and advises :)

Our flight on the 10th June 2012, 6.30am in the morning to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. If i'm not mistaken, around 4.00am we were already on our way to the airport. Thank you to my boyfriend and Terry who send us to the airport that day. The people that was in this expedition was me, kak Yaya, abg Toyang, Nan, Mus, and Kecik. 

me & him at the airport
my no 1 supporter :)

The only ladies, Kak Yaya & me

 Beautiful view from the airplane.

The weather was quite bad due to raining and windy, so the plane took sometime to land that morning. We safely arrived at Kota Kinabalu at around 10am. Then off to Sabah Park for about 30 minutes. It was raining heavily and cold.. We need to repack our stuff, and some of our stuff to be place and kept there. And bringing only the important things in our backpack that will be used on our way to Mesilau, Laban Rata and last Summit of Mount Kinabalu.

 We arrived at Sabah Park.
 Mesilau :)

We went to Laban Rata from Mesilau which is 8km route to Laban Rata. Everyone carries our own backpack. Its so heavy, on my 500mtr i nearly fainted due to the heavy backpack. Alhamdulillah, Nan and my guide was with us during that time.. My guide ask me to return back and stop the expedition, there's no way I'm turning back.. So I took some rest for a while, others was already ahead of us. I ate a pack of power gel, chocs and drank a lot of water.. I was lucky that my guide could help me carry the heavy backpack, they charge 1kg = rm10 2ways.. Tu lah confident lagi konon larat nak angkat beg sendiri.. hahhaa  Padahal at the start gate they offer porter (don't know how to spell it) :P people who carries our bag/stuff until Laban Rata. After that we continue our 8km journey to Laban Rata. It took me 8hours to climb up there. Seriously mencabar gila ok! Thank you Nan and our guide Syahrul for keeping me company and stay with me through the expedition sebab I paling kura-kura.. hahahhaa..

Our team before expedition starts.

I'm at the TOP!

That night all of us went out to eat seafood. hoyeah! At last real food other than chocolates and power gel. hahaha I'm not sure what the place is called. Its like a food court but all the restaurants serves seafood. Cool right. heee Puas hati weyh makan. heeee The next day we went out shopping at Philippines Market, looking for souvenirs to bring back home. :) During lunch time we met CSE Sabah, chit chat before catch our flight home at 5.30pm.. 

yummylicious seafood
 with CSE Sabah :)

Really enjoy my trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.. you guys also should go there. :)
p/s: more pictures uploaded in FB.

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