May 23, 2012

Our Baby

Hey Followers & Readers

Presenting Our Baby.. 
Taraaaaaaa ...

The Painting..


Actually.. me and my boyfriend bought this painting on February this year. Yups. A few months back. We bought in Ikano Power Center. So excited to paint the drawings. Only been busy and excited to paint a few weeks, but then it was abandoned like a stray. :P hehee Because it takes a lot of time and so much patient. But now after my boyfriend start to paint again, So if i didn't continue it felt like as though I abandoned my own baby. Our baby. :P I know.. The responsibility just came. Because we bought it together. We gonna paint it until its completely finish. Each of us will take turn to paint. My boyfriend is currently busy with work and study, he'll be taking PMP exam end on this May. So am not gonna burdened him, I'm painting this baby full with love. hehehe The more I miss him, the more I'll end up painting. hehee :P Poyo kan. I know.. But its just the truth. heee Even my family and friends thought that I had the talent to paint, but actually NO! huhu On this drawings, there are numbers, so u need to paint based on the numbers. It is so detail that you need to focus more. It is tiring but at the end of the day, when you see the outcome, you felt relieve and so happy because it is so pretty.
Here's the latest progress of the painting...


PS: will update once finish :)

<3 hzh

Work and Work.

Hey Followers & Readers

Nothing much these days.. Been sick during night shift as always, but Alhamdulillah I have such a nice and understanding boss and team mate. They understand really well of my health condition. :) I would have been fired if I were working somewhere else. Just because I kept on MC during my night shift. I was diagnose to have INSOMNIA. Yeah.. I know,sad right... hmmm.. Even sleeping pills couldn't make me sleep. Anyway my boss did some new working arrangements for me. InsyaAllah, during my night shift which suppose to be 8pm to 8am. It will be 12noon to 12am.. Pray everything will be ok for me. InsyaAllah.

<3 hzh

May 16, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Hey Followers & Reader

This year mother's day, we family celebrate at my grandma's place in Bangsar along with aunties and relatives. :) This is the time to gather with the families and relatives. :)

Mama & Me
This is my mama, Zaiton Binti Ahmad. Happy Mother's Day and also Happy Teacher's Day. You are the best mom in the world, eventho sometimes you bebel too much but its the best for me. Thank you for being there when i need you the most. You never feel tired to raise us. You are my mom and my teacher. Love you Mama! :) 

grandma & mama & aunties
Celebrating the MOMs :)

ps: Mothers day is not just for 1 day its everyday, so treat your mom well with love and care :)

<3 hzh

Saeidah & Faizal Tie The Knot

Hey followers & Readers..

This year nearly most of my close friends, best friends, friends are getting married. hee So happy for them and wishing them to have a great wedding and Semoga Kekal Hingga Akher Hayat. Last Sunday 13th May 2012, was Saeidah & Jai 's Wedding. Wanna know how i end up being close friends with her? She is actually Maya and Ema's high school friends. Didn't actually close to her during that time, but have met her few times.. hee We got more closer, when we end up goin to the same PLKN after SPM. We end up being roomate during the PLKN and have been close friend since then. She met her husband also in PLKN.. huhu Jodoh kita kt PLKN. huhu sangat berjasa la PLKN Princess Haliza tuh kan.. Kinda missed the memories there. :) During the wedding, met lotsa old friends, school friends, PLKN friends, and Degree friends.. Friendship never ends. :) Enjoy the pictures. heeee

Event : Eida & Jai Wedding
Date : 13th May 2012
Venue: Dewan MBSA Shah Alam

PLKN friends 

 This is 'Atikah Zahir, my roomate during Degree in UiTM Shah Alam
Haven't seen her a long time, last time I met her was during her wedding.
Now she is already having her 1st baby. 
Congrats Booshook.

More wonderful Weddings to come :)

<3 hzh

May 8, 2012

LOVE is in the air

 We are now officially 4. He made this surprise card for me. Thank you so much shayang! Terharu sangat! You still have time to made this card for me. Its pretty. I love it. It meant so much to me. I didn't give him anything for this 4th month. Showie Shayang....

Kau juga sempurna bagiku shayang.. :)

We went to celebrate our 4th month anniversary last sunday. In my wish list, I really wanted to eat Nasi Lemak at Village Park Restaurant in Uptown, Damansara. So my boyfriend took me for breakfast. Kinda Brunch la since we came They serve the best nasi lemak ayam rempah and white coffee there. You should try you know. People are willing to queue just to eat their nasi lemak. Delicious! Too bad, forgot to bring my camera, so no pictures taken. Just got this from the web. They also server other food and drinks as well.

 oh so delicious nasi lemak

Then we went to buy some stuff for my trip to KK this june. Am excited but at the same time, a bit worried. Hope everything will be ok. Jacket, snow cap, fleece, gloves all complete. Thanx shayang! It would be more fun if you able to join us. hehee :P lalalalaaa~

After that we went to Curve to watch Avengers. So funny la that movie. Had so much fun watching it. hehehe I give em 5 stars! yeay! hehehe Worth watching the movie, not just action movie but some comedy is put into it. So you'll be laughing and having a great adventure as well while watching the movie. 

We continue our celebration by walking in the mall, shopping and cuci-cuci mata. At the curve street, I saw this booth selling all sorts of pendant that you can design your on bracelet or necklace. So we kinda made this. heheee Chantek sgt.You can also contact her here or he facebook page All Kinds of Everything
Made with Love :)
Then teman die untuk beli new working clothes. heee We went for dinner and both of us went home with happy faces. :) Looking forward for our next date. :P hhehee Stress sebab xbawak camera.. pfft! huhu


May 1, 2012

f o u r.

Hey Followers & Readers
1st May 2012 is labor day to all Malaysians.. Happy Labor Day!
but.. at the same time its me and pachak's 4th month anniversary.. 
Happy 4 monthlyversary to us, as he always say. hehee 
He's currently in his hometown Kluang. Bit busy helping his family preparing for his sister's wedding which is on this 19th May. Eventho he's busy with his family, but never forget about me. Thank you shayang for the wish. Will celebrate it later ok. heee At first, I was thinking of acting as though I forgot about our 4th month anniversary and be the first to wish at 12am. But too bad, I fell asleep through that process. hahaha Then he wishes first. I woke up at 4am, reading his bbm.. He was so shweet. I love you just the way you are. Alhamdulillah. MU lost the EPL thats the best gift ever.hahahhaha :P I'm not being jealous here, but just to show you.. open your eyes shayang.. MU not that good enough. :p hahahhahaa I Love You la walopon u supporter MU. heeee 

 Liyana Jasmay - Cinta Bersatu
I dedicate this to you shayang.

Not really a big fan of Liyana Jasmay. But when I heard this song.. Wow! truly blows me off. Fell in love with it..I sang this Liyana Jasmay's Cinta Bersatu while my brother played the guitar.. We made a video but my voice sucks. Therefore, I decided not to give u the video. hahaha Instead, I just sang the chorus and send it to you on the phone. Sorry its not good. heee But the song actually  truly express how i felt about you and about us.. "Kau SEMPURNA bagiku".. I do not wish for more..Just stay the same.. Thank you for being a great boyfriend for me..  Thank you for accepting me, the way I am.. Lets go through this life together. :) InsyaAllah. Lets fulfill our dreams.. :)