December 4, 2012

Oh So LUCKY Hanin!!

Hi Followers & Readers,

Ada ketika tuh, kaum perempuan nih ade mood swing dia. So kaum lelaki nih kene faham-faham sendiri. Ade certain lelaki tuh memang da faham sgt perempuan yg ade mood swing suring certain time dlm bulan tuh.  So mereka nih boleh handle la wanita tuh dengan baek. Mereka perlukan tahap kesabaran yang sgt tinggi. Bagi mereka yg xfaham, akan end up xfaham or try untuk memahami kaum wanita nih yg sentiasa mengalami mood swing every month.. And I'm one of those girls who tend to get this mood swing also my level of sensitivity for this particular time is so high. Critically! Hmmm.. I'm so lucky to have him, as my boyfriend. Soon to be my husband, InsyaAllah. He understands me oh so well!! How can I not love him. Tahap kesabaran dia, Ya Allah.. If I were to be in his place, mmg cpt kot i give up.. Yesterday, I mean last few days I were being so childish.. I think I am. Cepat sgt terasa. Hmmm padahal he did nothing kot. I think. Positive. Then at this one time, he realized and told me that " I'm worried everytime I see u not happy. I tau bile u happy sgt, I tau bile u happy biasa, bile u simpan something and bile u sedey".. I love him so much because he understands me so well, that he wants to make me happy all the time.. But I can't give you the happiness as you deserved to have. InsyaAllah I'll try to improve myself for OUR relationship.. :)

I dedicate this song Ajari Aku by Anuar Zain to you shayang.. Also to everyone out there, appreciate your love ones. They are your backbone to your daily life whenever you are down. Having him with me be it near or far, his love, care, support and advises as my best friend and boyfriend. I love you shayang.. 

Ajari aku tuk bisa
Menjadi yang engkau cinta
Agar ku bisa memiliki rasa
Yang luar biasa untukku dan untukmu
Ku harap engkau mengerti

Akan semua yang ku pinta
Karna kau cahaya hidupku malamku
Tuk terangi jalan ku yang berliku
Hanya engkau yang bisa
Hanya engkau yang tahu
Hanya engkau yang mengerti
Semua inginku
Mungkinkah semua akan terjadi pada diriku
Hanya engkau yang bisa mencintaiku

Hanya engkau yang bisa
Hanya engkau yang tahu
Hanya engkau yang mengerti
Semua inginku

Shayang, Semoga jodoh kita kekal hingga akher hayat. Amin. 


November 29, 2012

Puisi Chenta

Hi Follower&Readers..

Sekarang emosi sangat berbunga, tp kadang-kadang cepat sangat tersentuh, kadang-kadang jugak cepat terkecil hati.. But I realize one thing about myself, I'm a sensitive kind of person to be honest. Tengok movie yg sedih sket pon nanges.. He always make fun of me when I cried while watching movie together. Lantak la, sbb die akan pujok shaye balek.. hehehe :) Last time I read this puisi chenta by the actor Zahiril Adzim to his wife. He read this during their reception.. Shweet gile kan. This really touches my heart. Cried while reading this... Hope u guys too..

Aku pasti punya masalah
Tiap kali ingin menulis puisi buatmu.
Entah kenapa, kuasa cintamu lebih hebat
Dari kata-kata yang akan terkeluarkan.
Saat itu langsung aku setuju yang dirimu satu.
Dan hari ini kau menjadi isteriku.

Ampunkan aku kalau aku pernah berkasar,
Ampunkan aku kalau aku pernah mengherdik,
Ampunkan aku kalau aku pernah menjerit,
Ampunkan aku kalau aku pernah terpekik, melolong,
Isteriku, percayalah sebabnya ialah kasih dan cinta.

Akan ku jaga kau seperti ku jaga diriku sendiri,
Memang hidup itu tidak pernah ada jaminan keselamatan,
Bahaya, ancaman di mana-mana
Tapi selagi kau dalam dakapanku,
Aku berjanji akan menjagamu
Setiap saat dan waktu,
Setiap siang dan malam,
Setiap guruh dan hujan,
Setiap panas dan terik,
Setiap nafasku.

Aku sering menadah telapak tangan,
Dan memohon pada Tuhan,
Agar kau, bukan sahaja kau menjadi isteriku,
Tetapi menjadi isteri yang disayangi Allah Ta’ala

Selamat datang ke hidupku,
Selamat menjadi isteriku.
Selamat menjadi ibu pada anak-anakku kelak.
Selamat menjadi menantu ibu bapaku.
Selamat menjadi adik dan kakak pada adik-beradikku.
Selamat menjadi keluargaku.
Selamat menjadi pelengkap hidupku.
Selamat menjadi separuh dari aku.

by Zahiril Adzim

P/S: Walaupun chenta hati shaye xreti berpuitis mcm Zahiril..tetapi shaye tetap shuke, shayang dia... 
Hope chenta kite kekal hingga akher hayat.. Love u booshook! :)


October 23, 2012

When WE are TOGETHER...

-Hishamuddin & Hanin Zahirah -
Selamat Hari Raye Aidiladha in advance from us. heeee

Is it alright if I'm with you for the night?
Hope you don't mind, if you stay by my side
We can drive in your car somewhere into the dark,
Pull over and watch the stars
We can dance, we can sing, do whatever you think
As long as I'm with you

When we are together is the time of our lives
We can do whatever, be whoever we like
Spend the weekend dancing, 'cause we sleep when we die
Don't have to worry 'bout nothing
We own the night

We own the night - Selena Gomez

 his my backbone! i'm his pompom girl :)

we can be whoever we want*
Iloveyou shayang :)

-love hzh-

October 10, 2012


Hi followers & readers..

hahahahaa :p I know I know.. still long way to go for March 2013.But I should start doing the preparation from now la kan.. I want everything to be PERFECT. ok la near perfect pon ok. hahhaa.. So here's the list for the E-Day, da macam nak kawen ok!! adeh.. but everything will be simple. I'll try for DIY which is PLAN A..if plan A is not possible, then will get others help. hehehe 

To Do List
1. E- day color theme
2. My attire (design + material)
3. His attire
4. My Family attire
5. His Family attire
6. Make up + Hair
7. Mini Pelamin
8. Hantaran
9. Candy bar
10. Photographer (most important)
11. Videographer (also most important part)
12. Caterer + Canopy + tables + chairs(parents job) heee
13. Invitations
14. Door gift ( small gift for the guests)
15. Registration table/ or guest book table.
16. Decoration around the house, labels etc


i -Peach + Tiffany blue. this one catches my eye the most. Still discussing this with him. >.<
H is Hanin
H is Hisham
shuke gile this one! heee

ii- Then Lavender with Tiffany blue.. hmm this one also chantek.. but a bit dull.. so tgh mix and match lagi..
iii- Purple and yellow! Shuke gile.. Macam striking kan kaler nih.. Tapi die cam xshuke sgt.. so maybe pass la on this color.
comel kan? :P
will do the table deco and deco kt umah sendiri... shaye shuke modern n comel! heee

more to come for my E-day plannings..


September 27, 2012

A date to remember

Hi Followers & Readers.

On 23rd September 2012, entering another phase of my life..
I'm gonna remember this date for sure.. This date is when his family datang for merisik...
Bersyukur sangat2 that it turned out so well..

The story begins..
Cuak, nervous sume perasaan ade.. During the day itself, mama & mak (my auntie) cooked for lunch. So we  treat them lunch instead of tea time. Awal-awal pagi tuh mama & ayah da keluar pegi pasar beli barang untuk masak on that day.. We all still sleeping la kan.. Bangun je mama & mak tengah busy masak. heehe tolong la potong bawang, potong sayor.. hehe The menu was Ayam masak lemak cili api, ikan kembong asam pedas, ayam kicap balut kari, ikan kering goreng,and sayur campur. Yummy!! Masakan kampong!
Mak sebagai ketua chef pada harituh cakap "biar makan kenyang-kenyang baru la senang nak discuss"..huhu Masakan mama & mak memang superb ok! So after breakfast tuh keluar jap pegi carik cake, on the same date tuh actually birthday ayah jugak. So will remember this date sangat-sangat. hehee Beli cake secret recipe je as a gift to his family and birthday ayah.. Sementara tunggu kek tuh ready I lari jap g potong rambot depan n blow rambot. hahaha tapi sedihnye x last long.. xsempat smpai majlis merisik tuh my hair da back to normal. huhu sebab lurus yang degil, so next time kene la pakai spray yg tahan lame. huhu
For merisik nih, I didn't put any makeup pon plus only wearing baju raye. hahaha sebab just merisik kot. 
His family sampai my house around 3pm, he only drop them and went to the nearest mosque. huhu And I waited upstairs.. Cuak weyh.. dok pasang telinga jugak la, nak dengar ape dorg discuss. hahahha Mak da pesan.. "Angah dok atas dulu, karang mak panggil baru turon"..aduh.. seksa nak tunggu.. :p Sampai-sampai je, dorg teros lunch.. munch-munch then borak-borak and gelak-gelak.. tibe-tibe silence, rupenye da start discuss. hahaha :P me and him dok bbm each other sebab maseng-maseng cuak and doa that both families can get along well.. Then mak pon panggil, dah tibe masenye I turon, bile turon tuh.. Si pachak nih pon masok.. eh.. hahaha die pon da di suroh masok.. salam-salm sume.. mak aih sejok weyh tangan jumpe sume org. Muke pon merah padam. hahaha Borak-borak la dengan everyone and future mom in law, ckp " nak blakon sarong cincin".. haha tgh malu-malu pon blakon jugak la. hehee :) Alhamdulillah.. Semuanya berjalan lancar.. More than both of us expected.. Engagement date pon da di tentukan which is on 03 March 2013... InsyaAllah.. Dalam hati menangis kegembiraan.. Thank you to both families for all the support.. to my booshooks.. This is a small family event didn't mean to hide this happy new from you guys.. Hope you all understand.. :)

Some pictures during the wonderful event... :) 
More pictures at his brother's camera 

 Hanin Zahirah & Hishamuddin
die lapar. :p
 THE RING from Habib. my fav design!! hee
kene tempah sebab xde size.. nasebla siap jugak. huhu
 gift from his mom. his mom & makngah chose this kaen for me..
love it! :)
 my gift to them..just a choc cheese cake by Secret Recipe.
also my fav! hehee glad they love em. heee 
Me & Future Mom In Law :)
 My mama & His Mama
Soon both are my Mamas.. :p
 His Makngah & Mama
 His siblings
 Smile on everyone's face. Especially muke lega me and him. haha

After that ceremony, we celebrate Ayah's 56th birthday.. :)
Happy birthday ayah.. Awet muda sokmo. haha

Majlis potong kek ayah.hehe mama mencelah jugak. haha

Thank you everyone. Especially Mama&Ayah, Mak&Ayah, Mak uda & Pak uda, and siblings also him and his family..  :)


September 8, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2012

Hi Followers & Readers,

Its not to late for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya to all.. 
Forgive me for all my wrongdoings :)

Celebrating Hari Raya with family is awesome!
(Kaklong, Abg Cd and Baby Hafiy was not with us)


August 4, 2012

Salam Ramadhan

Hello Followers & Readers

Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan :)

-love hzh-

Pemergian Arwah Mokhtar bin Zainon

Hi Followers & Readers,

Mesti tertanya- tanya kan.. kenapa lah dah lame xlatest update kt blog nih.. Selalu ade je latest update.. Minta maaf kerana masa tidak mengizinkan shaye untuk berblogging..

Baru-baru ini boyfriend shaye baru sahaja kehilangan seseorang yang penting dalam hidupnya yang bergelar abah.. Seperti title post kali ini "Pemergian Arwah Mokhtar bin Zainon". Seorang HERO, seorang IDOLA, seorang yang kita bergantung harap padanya.. kini tiada dalam hidup, tiada di dunia yang nyata ini.. Nyawanya telah di ambil oleh ALLAH s.w.t yang lebih menyayangi arwah abah..

Arwah abah dan Mama boyfriend ku

Arwah meninggal pada 16 July 2012 iaitu Isnin jam 12.05minit pagi (kalau xsilap la). Pemergiannya begitu pantas sekali dan memberi kejutan pada kami terutamanya ahli keluarga.. Walaupun shaye xdapat mengenali arwah dengan begitu rapat lagi, tapi mendengar cerita dari boyfriend dan ahli keluarganya sahaja, shaye dapat rase dan dapat tahu arwah abah nih happy go lucky, suke mengusik, suke buat lawak, pandai memasak. Pemergiannya berpunca kepada saluran darah yang membengkak di kepala. Doc tidak menjangkakan saluran itu akan pecah, tiada siapa yang jangka ia akan pecah dengan begitu cepat. Sepanjang minggu itu boyfriend ku di hospital Johor Bahru menjaga arwah abah tanpa tahu erti penat dan lelah.. Arwah abah mesti mesti dapat rase kaseh sayang u (sabar ye shayang).. 

Dr kiri : Aan, arwah abah, Pachak (boyfriend ku)

Ketika arwah abah terlantar di hospital, shaye berada di Penang holiday bersama rakan-rakan. Mendengar berita sedih itu menbuatkan shaye sgt sedih, terkejut dan hanya mampu menanges.. Tidak sempat melihat arwah abah buat kali terakher... :'( Sebak setiap kali bercerita dan teringat tentangnya.. Kita hanya mampu berdoa buat arwah.. Shaye bergegas ke Kluang, rumah keluarga boyfriend ku sehari selepas pulang dari Penang, iaitu sehari selepas arwah dikebumikan.. Hanya mampu datang ke sana berjumpe ahli keluarga sambil memberi semangat.. Walaupun drive sorang dari Shah Alam ke Kluang, tidak mengapa asalkan dpt bertemu mereka... Petang itu pergi melawat kubur arwah dan baca yassin. Pada waktu malam, ada tahlil.. 

Masih lagi terasa seperti arwah berada bersama kami..

Semoga rohnya di cucuri rahmat. Al-fatihah.

-love hzh-

July 4, 2012

How he met my Family

Hi followers & readers,

ini family saya (only lil bro wasn't in)

Last time, was my story about how I met his family.. This time the post is about how he met my family. :)
On 23rd June 2012, Saturday at Chillies, Empire Shopping Mall, Subang.. Officially he met my family, except my brother amal was not there. Everything went well and smooth. heee Alhamdulillah. During dinner, my dad was not feeling well, but he still managed to make a great conversation with him. :) Everyone was having a great time. They accept him the way he is. I'm so thankful and grateful that the dinner went well. This family dinner was also to celebrate Father's Day for ayah and abg Syidi ( my bro in law). Kelakar part was, when the crew came out singing Happy Birthday instead of Happy father's day. hahaha my dad was confuse. :p but overall was ok. heee Enjoy the pictures because i do! :)

 us with adek :) 
 with bakal menantu? :P
Siblings, except lil bro.
 bergaya bersama baby hafiy
 Mama Yaya
 father's day cake by baskin robbin
 Happy father's day to ayah & abg syidi
 Family kaklong 
us with mama n ayah

<3 hzh

Oh Mount Kinabalu

Hi Followers & Readers..

On 10th June 2012 - 13th June 2012, I went to climb Mount Kinabalu in Sabah with a few more friends. During this expedition my boyfriend didn't join us, he has his own reasons. :P heee but I couldn't mention here.. Malu la die nanti.. hahaha Anyways.. he always support me in anything that I want to do, be he near or far.. Thank you so much shayang.. He gave me another card which really touches my heart and keep me strong during this expedition eventhough there's a few times when i felt like I just want to give up.. Thank you so much shayang.. heee :)  

Another note for me from him :)

 Thats me! 
his notes and advises :)

Our flight on the 10th June 2012, 6.30am in the morning to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. If i'm not mistaken, around 4.00am we were already on our way to the airport. Thank you to my boyfriend and Terry who send us to the airport that day. The people that was in this expedition was me, kak Yaya, abg Toyang, Nan, Mus, and Kecik. 

me & him at the airport
my no 1 supporter :)

The only ladies, Kak Yaya & me

 Beautiful view from the airplane.

The weather was quite bad due to raining and windy, so the plane took sometime to land that morning. We safely arrived at Kota Kinabalu at around 10am. Then off to Sabah Park for about 30 minutes. It was raining heavily and cold.. We need to repack our stuff, and some of our stuff to be place and kept there. And bringing only the important things in our backpack that will be used on our way to Mesilau, Laban Rata and last Summit of Mount Kinabalu.

 We arrived at Sabah Park.
 Mesilau :)

We went to Laban Rata from Mesilau which is 8km route to Laban Rata. Everyone carries our own backpack. Its so heavy, on my 500mtr i nearly fainted due to the heavy backpack. Alhamdulillah, Nan and my guide was with us during that time.. My guide ask me to return back and stop the expedition, there's no way I'm turning back.. So I took some rest for a while, others was already ahead of us. I ate a pack of power gel, chocs and drank a lot of water.. I was lucky that my guide could help me carry the heavy backpack, they charge 1kg = rm10 2ways.. Tu lah confident lagi konon larat nak angkat beg sendiri.. hahhaa  Padahal at the start gate they offer porter (don't know how to spell it) :P people who carries our bag/stuff until Laban Rata. After that we continue our 8km journey to Laban Rata. It took me 8hours to climb up there. Seriously mencabar gila ok! Thank you Nan and our guide Syahrul for keeping me company and stay with me through the expedition sebab I paling kura-kura.. hahahhaa..

Our team before expedition starts.

I'm at the TOP!

That night all of us went out to eat seafood. hoyeah! At last real food other than chocolates and power gel. hahaha I'm not sure what the place is called. Its like a food court but all the restaurants serves seafood. Cool right. heee Puas hati weyh makan. heeee The next day we went out shopping at Philippines Market, looking for souvenirs to bring back home. :) During lunch time we met CSE Sabah, chit chat before catch our flight home at 5.30pm.. 

yummylicious seafood
 with CSE Sabah :)

Really enjoy my trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.. you guys also should go there. :)
p/s: more pictures uploaded in FB.

<3 hzh