October 10, 2012


Hi followers & readers..

hahahahaa :p I know I know.. still long way to go for March 2013.But I should start doing the preparation from now la kan.. I want everything to be PERFECT. ok la near perfect pon ok. hahhaa.. So here's the list for the E-Day, da macam nak kawen ok!! adeh.. but everything will be simple. I'll try for DIY which is PLAN A..if plan A is not possible, then will get others help. hehehe 

To Do List
1. E- day color theme
2. My attire (design + material)
3. His attire
4. My Family attire
5. His Family attire
6. Make up + Hair
7. Mini Pelamin
8. Hantaran
9. Candy bar
10. Photographer (most important)
11. Videographer (also most important part)
12. Caterer + Canopy + tables + chairs(parents job) heee
13. Invitations
14. Door gift ( small gift for the guests)
15. Registration table/ or guest book table.
16. Decoration around the house, labels etc


i -Peach + Tiffany blue. this one catches my eye the most. Still discussing this with him. >.<
H is Hanin
H is Hisham
shuke gile this one! heee

ii- Then Lavender with Tiffany blue.. hmm this one also chantek.. but a bit dull.. so tgh mix and match lagi..
iii- Purple and yellow! Shuke gile.. Macam striking kan kaler nih.. Tapi die cam xshuke sgt.. so maybe pass la on this color.
comel kan? :P
will do the table deco and deco kt umah sendiri... shaye shuke modern n comel! heee

more to come for my E-day plannings..



  1. gud luck hanin..for diy u da bleh follow blog bride to be dear..banyak..tgk dlm bloglist i..:)

  2. alhamdulillah! happy preparing dear~ prepare lg cpt lg bagus :) smuge smua bjalan lancar ye

    1. thank u so much kowg!

      Illi. maybe nnt i nk sewa ur payong lace tuh. adore them! but not sure when.. nnt will let u know. hee