March 28, 2012

Another NOTE for me

23rd march 2012
another shweet note from him

Soopa Doopa Excited.. Getting another note in the morning from him. Make me so fresh eventho just got back from a 12hours night shift. heeee You sure knows how to make me feel awake kan. :) Thank you.. This card is so special because he drew US inside.. :) I always adore his drawings, especially when he play the game Draw Something. :p cool gile ok! hahaha my drawings? worst. lukis orang lidi boleh la..hahhaa :P He's been so busy working, but I understand his work.. Eventho he's busy, but he still spent time with me. I'm already thankful for that shayang.. I never blame or complain when he is busy with his work because he understands my work so well.. I'm working on shift basis. 2 weeks of day shift and 2 weeks of night shift. Both of us will plan our dating time base on our working schedule. heeee *wink...

yours.mine.ours :)
his note for me
he wrote this note at 3.55am, I was working during this time.
Thought he was already sleeping but instead he was busy making this special note for me. Terharu la shayang.. Terima Kasih chenta! :)


March 20, 2012

Introducing My Cwazee Family

Kite dulu-dulu :)
Up From Left : peq, Kay, Kak Nowa
Down From Left: Bob, Hanin, Bankgurl

Kite Sekarang

Introducing my cwazee family to you guys..

We were together since our Diploma in UiTM Perak. They are Mohd Afiq (peq) my cwazee brother also my senior, Norahaniyah ( Kak Nowa) my kakak who is now peq's wife, known her before they got married. Amirrul Mohamad (bankgurl) and Mohd Hazeq (Bob) classmates, Nur Khairunnisa (Kay) my BFF and also classmates during Diploma. We are still close as a family until now, Peq and Kak Nowa are married and were given a son (Baby Akif). Alhamdulillah.. Just that, working had made everyone kinda busy to meet up with each other and catchup with stuff..heee

There have been a few plans about meeting and gather with everyone, but its always canceled last minute. But yesterday kinda saw bankgurl's post at FB about goin to Peq's CoolBlog. So i guess this should be it. heee Since me and kay are not working. Moreover peq and kak nowa just open up and launch their CoolBlog at Giant Kota Damansara, it would be nice for everyone to gather. heee Plus I haven't visit them since akif was born.. Showie guys.heee Now akif all grown up already, 5months. Congrats Peq and Kak nowa for able to raise cute baby akif. Proud of u guys. Walopon abgku itu shengal ubi.hahaaahaa

Date: 19/03/2012
Time: 8pm-11pm
Venue: CoolBlog,Giant Kota Damansara

And so the plan went well.. Yeay.. After such a long time. heee We talk and we talk, camwhoring. Busy Playing with baby akif. We also met some other friends there Amy and Aimi.

One Happy Family
Mama Zera is sho happy to meet u baby akif :)

With Abgku Peq -Seorang Pembuli. :P haha

Baby Akif with Mommy Nowa. Gewam gile!

Mama Zera with baby akif
With BFF Kay Alies.


Amy & Aimi drop by to buy Yummy CoolBlog.

Our Favs 10 shot in one row. :P

To come to CoolBlog!
Have a taste of it and...

Help them promote CoolBlog ok.. Its delicious and affordable!

CoolBlog@Giant Kota Damansara
Own by: Nuura Shop

Abgku & Kakakku
Owner of CoolBlog@Giant Kota Damansara
Congrats& Good Luck

p/s: da offer da jadi cashier,xmo. :P - Until we meet again. :)


March 19, 2012

Selamat Pagi Chenta

Selamat Pagi Chenta. :)

This is another surprise card from *you. His so shweet. Aish how can i not love him so much. :P Oiiyyy..*you Jangan kembang..hahhaha Appreciate it so much.. :) Here the story how i ended up gettin this cute card... made me smile all the time la shayang.. thank you. thank you shangat.. heeee

Last week, I was working night shift from 8pm to 8am. I'm the kind of girlfriend who is so gedix and mengade yang amat, ashek windoo je kt *you.. showie *you...hahaa so after finish working at 8am on friday morning. I decided to drop by to meet him before he went to work.. :) Lepas la windoo jumpe a few minutes.. heee He was so busy with his work, pity him.. I understand all the workload and stress.. Showie couldn't be more helpful.. Then i went to the toilet for few minutes, both of us saying goodbye to each other, as he is late for meeting that morning.. So both of us went our separate ways.

Suddenly in the car, he bbm-ing me..

*you : you ktne da?

me : kt giant bawu.

*you: jammed ke? besar btol compartment beg u kan?
me: eh?

*you: I mean.. compartment beg u besar. Sume mende leh sumbat dlm beg u n u bleh lost something inside that bag kan?

me: mane u taw? hahahaha U check ke? (I was so curious.. kenape die cam pelik je. Ape lagi teros la I open my beg, and so the card.. Seriously, time amek kunci kete tuh, i didn't saw the card at all. hahahhaa ...I was screaming excitedly in the car.. hahaa)
me: Shayang!!!!! U ni kan.. Shweet gile..hahahha

*you: hahahaha Ngeks!! U leh xperasan kan? Memula i ingt bute ke u nih..hahahaha
(shiot punye boyfriend.. :P)

He must have put the card in my bag while I was in the toilet.. Booshook punye boyfriend.. hee
See pictures below.. How charming my boyfriend is.. heeee I am super duper excited oh!! hahaa

A note for you in the morning.. Make me smile all the way home..
I love you shayang!! Thank you.
You are sho shweet like always.

Tershangat la shuke!
Had no idea when u bought the card.. Shaket jantong weyh! hahaha


March 14, 2012


hahahaaa.. oooo yeahh!! the title clearly shows it all.. he surely making me melting like ice cube melts under the hot sun.. :P hahaha so here's the story.. we were kinda having a small talk, then i made him mewajok.. but didn't realize it.. showie shayang.. but end up he's the one yang pujok i.. Shweet gile la hai boyfriend ku ini.. He again made another suprise by giving me this card.. see pictures below.. Thank you shayang.. Bile ternampak card nih,I'm so excited.. heee :) Thank you! Thank you! LOve it. LOve you too and Love you more la! :)

Hanin Zahirah Hasnor :) thats me.

Love you so much too shayang.. :)


March 6, 2012


On 1st march 2012 we are already dua bulan together. :) time sure fly by so fast kan. hehe But we kinda celebrated a day early, because both of us were working on 1st march which falls on Thursday. Actually I prepared the small shupwise on Tuesday. hahaha two days early, because i thought I might not be seeing him. So Tuesday night is our run day,i start busy doing the small shupwise before meeting him at night. I bought LOVEs doughnut from Krispy Kreme, I found them while walking around in Plaza Masalam, Sect 9. Showie i ruin your diet again.. Pity my boyfriend.. :P hehehee then do some decoration thingy then waaalllaaaaaa.. See the picture below! hehehe

the pwetty L O V E doughnuts

Terima Kasih shayang kerana curahkan sayang dan chenta awak pada shaye. :)

He said that he was so pressure by me, because he didn't give or make anything for me.. I said nevermind, i didn't wish to get anything. heee then late that night.. he said goodnite a bit early than usual..well i usually fell asleep. :P so that he could make this.... See picture below! Shayang shweet and chantek gile ok!! Love it!! I have no idea mane u dpt sume mende alah nih. heeee shuke shangat2.. Thank you! Later that nite there was a small celebration. :) Alhamdulillah kini kami telah bersama for t w o months.

Love IT!

<3 hzh