January 28, 2012

YOU!! Thank you!


I know i kept saying thank you to you*...
I really really mean it.. Seriously la! :P
I was so touched with what you've did..
Especially today.
Only GOD, you and me knows what you did kan..
THANK YOU again..
How could i ever repay you*
You made my heart melt with your actions.. :)
Hope that we will stay like this forever.
You made me angau already..

remember this? one of the best moments, ever.
thank you.

<3 hzh

So Ridiculous!

<3 hzh

January 27, 2012

Oh! Weee..Water Rafting

Excited kan.. hahaa Me too.. Excited gile when my boss, Fadzil tnye nak join activity water rafting or not. Its a last minute plan. But its a cool and fun stuff to do kan, sape nak tolak.. huhu :p

Details of the water rafting event :

Date : 22 - January - 2012
Day : Sunday
Venue : Kuala Kubu Bharu
Participant : Fadzil, Shida, Azril, Alfian, Kalos, Izham, Nydia, Faiza, Me, Nushra, Big Sam

The event was on Sunday, actually i am working on the Saturday night (night shift), means my shift will end at 8am Sunday morning. But since i'll be joining the event, my boss let me finish work early at 1am.. so that i've time to rest and pack etc. huhu Then when its 1am after work, i didn't went straight home but instead i went to see *you* kan .. nak recharge energy yang da lemah gile. Lepak2,bowak2, memang xmo balek.. Padahal at 6.30am da kene sampai kat umah fadzil. Everyone (Big Sam, Alfian, Me, Nydia, Faiza, Nushra) gather at fadzil's house, he's our driver for the day. :) *boss yang baek hati.. :P hehehe :) . While Kalos, Azril and Izham going with another separate car.

7.30am from fadzil's house, yadda yadda yadda, arrive at KKB around 9.30am. Then we had our breakfast, and off to the pickup place. We were given briefing about life safety and precautions during the water rafting, but before that, we had to do body rafting to warm up. huhu its cool and scary, I'm depending my life on the life jacket ok, since i don't know how to swim.. *you! seriously! you need teach me how to swim la.. hehee :)

Water rafting starts at 12 noon. Kan.. pelik kol 12 baru nk start.. haha Its hot already, eventho there a lotsa trees and greens everywhere but still we can feel the hot sun..plus we didn't wear any sunblock, coz in the morning it was raining so heavily that we even thought that the activity might be canceled. huhu It's really frustrating, disappointing and was so unfortunate that the river is in a state that *not having enough water* for us to do the water rafting. So can you imagine, when we face big rocks, no water flow, we had to walk instead of rafting using the boat. Aish. so sad la, its more of a trekking rather that water rafting. heeee

Guess what i had an accident during the trekking, time tuh baru nak kuar dari bot, then nak grab on paddle la, skali sandal slippery gila smpai jatoh tersembam kat batu..dapatla hadiah 3 jari bengkak dan lutot lebam di KKB. huhuhu It was a great experience through out this whole event. :) Plus the organizer promise us 1 free water rafting. Which we will be goin this 6th february 2012 at a different venue, this time at Slimriver, Perak. hoyeah!! ehehehee Can't wait. :) **need to buy water proof casing for my G12.. p/s: you.. teman i carik eh. :P

Enjoy the pictures!
Courtesy of Alfian & Me. :)

just arrived at the pick up point.
from left : faiza,shida,me,nydia

ready for water rafting. :)

body rafting. CUAK!!

lets go water rafting. :)

*Can't wait for our next water rafting in Slimriver this 6th February 2012.

<3 hzh

January 23, 2012



Just like the picture above.. yups.. i just wanted to apologize again and again to you.. I'm very very sorry,for being such a kid.. how I wish that somehow i could be that 1 person who could always makes you happy.. never ever to break your heart.. but I would again make promises and then again would again break those promises.. I will not just say those words, instead i will make it happen.. :) Thank you for being so understanding eventho I'm not as u expect me to be.. Hoping that you could forgive me..

<3 hzh

January 19, 2012


I think that this movie is made and dedicate especially for us..


**I'm trying to search the internet where to download this movie, don't know whether its already out or not.. But 1 thing I know for sure, I want to watch it with YOU.. you la ngeks! hahaa

<3 hzh

Wish Me LUCK!

this sleeping beauty is me. :P

I am known as a girl who can sleep just anywhere, anytime, be it day or night, on the couch, in the car, on bed,on the carpet, in the toilet? that one not yet. hahahaha Today, Tonight is my first night working for night shift. Starting at 8pm until 8am the next morning. huhu A few more hours till night shift comes. :P *fingers cross..Hope that I won't be sleeping until the next morning. hahaha.. that would be awkward..Scary, nervous,everything is jumbled up together.. hehee Need to prepare myself for tonight. Just dont know how. :P hahaha

Checklist to prepare myself for night shift :

1. Need to learn to drink coffee again
*i'll be gettin headache once i drink coffee

2. Sleep for a few hours in the day before working for the night

3. Make sure song playlist is updated with latest songs.
*the catchy songs, if not, need to go on youtube. Thank GOD boleh youtube kt office. heehee

4. Prepare any sweets in the handbag
*those sour kinda sweets - mentos sour mix is the best. heee

5. Make sure there will be someone to accompany me.

*YOU/other members with the same shift. Can chat or talk if not busy working.

6. Take a walk or supper with friends.

7. Watch online movies/Korean dramas if there is no work. huhu

**I think this all for now that I could think of..heee if you've any idea on how to stay up.. just leave me some comments ok.. Wish me LOTSA Luck!! Will be needing it. Thank you. :)

<3 hzh

January 18, 2012

For YOU.

I know you are reading this..
Yes YOU!!
This is for you. :)

<3 hzh

Run. Lari. 実行して


it has become apart of my life now..

The very first time i join running was 10km Putrajaya Night Run 2011.I never thought that i could finish the run within 1 hour 3omins. Once you reach the finishing line, the feel was so satisfied, extremely happy, and thankful that you managed to finish the run without no injuries as a first timer.. heeee :) Alhamdulillah. Thank you to Kak Julalilah for offering me to join this run.. Now running is my new hobby.. Running for me is only for fun, also as a healthy lifestyle.. maklumla da make meningkat usia nih, kene jage kesihatan..

nervous gile oh! hee

with the ladies. :)

chomot after run.

My Second attempt for 10km run was during MPPJ Run 2011. This time I managed to complete the run within 1hour 20mins. 10 mins improve compared to the first 10km run.

me - G2909

with the runners. kak dija. me. kak yaya. mus . nan

When I'm not joining the run, will also come to support friends.. Am good in supporting others "pompom girl" is my part time job. :P heee I went to MPSJ 2011 run, also for MALAKOFF only as a supporter. hehe :)

the runners for MPSJ 2011

this is my running family.

kak yaya and mus. MALAKOFF 12km run.

the supporters. tidak mengira panas dan penat. :)

My third run was Multipurpose Insurans 2012 which was on 8th January 2012.This is my first run in the year 2012. The run was only 6km, and I managed to finish it in 47mins. hehee Alhamdulillah, still can run la eventho having a break for a long time kan. hehee :)

my lucky number.

featuring the fatty bom bom. :P

after run with the ladies. :)

My next run will be Brooks 10km run which is on 11th March 2012. Wish me luck ya. :) Start running today guys! its really worth it. hehe For sure you will not regret. Coz I know I don't. heee Hope u guys enjoy this post :)

<3 hzh

January 17, 2012

TwentyTwelve Resolution

2012 Resolution
*last year resolution pon xachieve, so kite carry forward je la ye. hehe

1. Learn to play the Piano /Keyboard
so that i can sing and play the piano on my own :P

2. Learn to COOK like those junior masterchef.
junior je, sbb xmo high expectations. :P ok in baking, but cooking for breakfast,lunch, dinner are IMPORTANT!
i want to cook for my love ones. :)

3. Master in my field of work as a Network Engineer
just move to a new company.. so still need to work hard for better KPI. :P chaiyok!

4. Need to lose WEIGHT!!
Am getting fat each day. fatty bom bom la weyh. My weight increases to 45kg. gulp! Need to lower them until 38kg. Good Luck to me. heee

5. Need to certified in CCNP :)
another 2 papers - routing & troubleshooting.. need to discuss with my manager to get those vouchers, and start studying.. huhu

6. Become a BETTER person inside and outside.

7. Do what I WANT to do!
outdoor activities, running, traveling, etc

8. Be HAPPY!!
:) happy with myself, family, friends, love one.

9. Must be focus to achieve this year's Resolution. :P
kalo xfocus, alamatnye kene carry forward lg la. haha

P/S::I think that's all for now. Will update this more. :P

<3 hzh


Met Doodle in Kak Yaya's Peugeot.

<3 hzh

New Chapter

There's nothing wrong with your laptop/pc/ipad/browser or whatsoever..
Previous posts have been removed.. The memories will just remain in my head..


I'm starting a new chapter in my life..
So I guess, some of my past need to stay in the pass..
I just want to start this year fresh and new..

P/S:: Thank you and Sorry to everyone, anyone who I have hurt all this while, please forgive my wrongdoings.. Hope all of us will have a great year ahead.. InsyaAllah..

<3 hzh