October 23, 2012

When WE are TOGETHER...

-Hishamuddin & Hanin Zahirah -
Selamat Hari Raye Aidiladha in advance from us. heeee

Is it alright if I'm with you for the night?
Hope you don't mind, if you stay by my side
We can drive in your car somewhere into the dark,
Pull over and watch the stars
We can dance, we can sing, do whatever you think
As long as I'm with you

When we are together is the time of our lives
We can do whatever, be whoever we like
Spend the weekend dancing, 'cause we sleep when we die
Don't have to worry 'bout nothing
We own the night

We own the night - Selena Gomez

 his my backbone! i'm his pompom girl :)

we can be whoever we want*
Iloveyou shayang :)

-love hzh-

October 10, 2012


Hi followers & readers..

hahahahaa :p I know I know.. still long way to go for March 2013.But I should start doing the preparation from now la kan.. I want everything to be PERFECT. ok la near perfect pon ok. hahhaa.. So here's the list for the E-Day, da macam nak kawen ok!! adeh.. but everything will be simple. I'll try for DIY which is PLAN A..if plan A is not possible, then will get others help. hehehe 

To Do List
1. E- day color theme
2. My attire (design + material)
3. His attire
4. My Family attire
5. His Family attire
6. Make up + Hair
7. Mini Pelamin
8. Hantaran
9. Candy bar
10. Photographer (most important)
11. Videographer (also most important part)
12. Caterer + Canopy + tables + chairs(parents job) heee
13. Invitations
14. Door gift ( small gift for the guests)
15. Registration table/ or guest book table.
16. Decoration around the house, labels etc


i -Peach + Tiffany blue. this one catches my eye the most. Still discussing this with him. >.<
H is Hanin
H is Hisham
shuke gile this one! heee

ii- Then Lavender with Tiffany blue.. hmm this one also chantek.. but a bit dull.. so tgh mix and match lagi..
iii- Purple and yellow! Shuke gile.. Macam striking kan kaler nih.. Tapi die cam xshuke sgt.. so maybe pass la on this color.
comel kan? :P
will do the table deco and deco kt umah sendiri... shaye shuke modern n comel! heee

more to come for my E-day plannings..