December 4, 2012

Oh So LUCKY Hanin!!

Hi Followers & Readers,

Ada ketika tuh, kaum perempuan nih ade mood swing dia. So kaum lelaki nih kene faham-faham sendiri. Ade certain lelaki tuh memang da faham sgt perempuan yg ade mood swing suring certain time dlm bulan tuh.  So mereka nih boleh handle la wanita tuh dengan baek. Mereka perlukan tahap kesabaran yang sgt tinggi. Bagi mereka yg xfaham, akan end up xfaham or try untuk memahami kaum wanita nih yg sentiasa mengalami mood swing every month.. And I'm one of those girls who tend to get this mood swing also my level of sensitivity for this particular time is so high. Critically! Hmmm.. I'm so lucky to have him, as my boyfriend. Soon to be my husband, InsyaAllah. He understands me oh so well!! How can I not love him. Tahap kesabaran dia, Ya Allah.. If I were to be in his place, mmg cpt kot i give up.. Yesterday, I mean last few days I were being so childish.. I think I am. Cepat sgt terasa. Hmmm padahal he did nothing kot. I think. Positive. Then at this one time, he realized and told me that " I'm worried everytime I see u not happy. I tau bile u happy sgt, I tau bile u happy biasa, bile u simpan something and bile u sedey".. I love him so much because he understands me so well, that he wants to make me happy all the time.. But I can't give you the happiness as you deserved to have. InsyaAllah I'll try to improve myself for OUR relationship.. :)

I dedicate this song Ajari Aku by Anuar Zain to you shayang.. Also to everyone out there, appreciate your love ones. They are your backbone to your daily life whenever you are down. Having him with me be it near or far, his love, care, support and advises as my best friend and boyfriend. I love you shayang.. 

Ajari aku tuk bisa
Menjadi yang engkau cinta
Agar ku bisa memiliki rasa
Yang luar biasa untukku dan untukmu
Ku harap engkau mengerti

Akan semua yang ku pinta
Karna kau cahaya hidupku malamku
Tuk terangi jalan ku yang berliku
Hanya engkau yang bisa
Hanya engkau yang tahu
Hanya engkau yang mengerti
Semua inginku
Mungkinkah semua akan terjadi pada diriku
Hanya engkau yang bisa mencintaiku

Hanya engkau yang bisa
Hanya engkau yang tahu
Hanya engkau yang mengerti
Semua inginku

Shayang, Semoga jodoh kita kekal hingga akher hayat. Amin. 


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