May 20, 2013

HeyHo!! Choc Pretzels

Hey Followers & Readers!

Iklan sket.. haha dah la lame sgt x blogging pastu nk buat iklan plak kan.. ngade x. haha
So anyway.. I'm selling mini choc pretzels by surea choc! hoyeah! Delicious. So yummy that you can't stop munching and munching. huhu Also suitable to make as a gift or present to your love ones, hantaran, doorgift or kueh raya. :) I'm selling them in two sizes. Please refer to below pictures. >.< To make an order kindly contact me Hanin Zahirah Hasnor by pm me at my facebook page click here Hanin's FB page or email me at I don't do post delivery usually self pickup or we can discuss for delivery.. :)  So apelagi yg di tunggu-tunggu.. hehe cepat contact shaye. hehe

1. Small Tube
Contains 45 pcs mini pretzels

2. Big Tub
Contains 180 pcs pretzels

p/s: don't forget to contact me for more info. >.< 

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